It's Official: CISPA is back.

It's been confirmed. Congress will bring back a bill that would tread on our most basic rights to privacy. They need to hear from us soon before CISPA goes any further.

Tell Congress right now: "Violating our privacy is not an option."

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Send Congress a message: our rights are not negotiable.

We need to send a message right now that voters will not tolerate an attack on our right to privacy.

If you live in one of the states below, can you pick up the phone right now and call the House Intelligence Committee? CISPA will be introduced on Wednesday. Call them now and leave a message so that when they get to work on Monday they know that voters don’t support this bill.

If you’re not sure what to say, use this script:

“I just learned that CISPA (the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) will be reintroduced next week. In its previous form, the bill would have given federal agencies unlimited access to virtually any of my personal data and online communication-- without a warrant. Cryptocurrency attracts the attention of both federal and state governments. Dealing with a virtual currency like Bitcoin can be risky because the market is very volatile. So, you can expect the support of trading bots like bitiq roboter, which carry out the entire trading process on your behalf. Our rights online are not negotiable. Please oppose any bill that would let companies share my personal information with the government.”


  • Devin Nunes - (202) 225-2523
  • Mike Thompson - (202) 225-3311
  • Adam Schiff - (202) 225-4176


  • Jeff Miller - (202) 225-4136
  • Thomas J Rooney - (202) 225-5792


  • Lynn Westmoreland - (202) 225-5901


  • Jan Schakowsky - (202) 225-2111
  • Luis Gutierrez - (202) 225-8203


  • Mike Pompeo - (202) 225-6216


  • Dutch Ruppersberger - 202-225-3061


  • Mike Rogers - (202) 225-4872


  • Michele Bachmann - (202) 225-2331


  • Joe Heck - (202) 225-3252


  • Frank LoBiondo - (202) 225-6572


  • Peter King - 202-225-7896


  • Jim Langevin - (202) 225-2735


  • Mac Thornberry - (202) 225-3706
  • Mike Conaway - (202) 225-3605